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Video ICAACT UK-meeting August 3, 2013

Podemos manter o propósito na busca de soluções, somos muitos no mundo todo, movendo ações. No Brasil AVAP

incluo também esse documentário para co-relacionar

Publicado em 18 de set de 2013


ICAACT met in the UK August 3, 2013 (Lytham St. Annes) for a Radio Frequency Scanning meeting in the United Kingdom, Jesse Beltran was interviewed by participants through Skype. In the last 5 minutes of the film ICAACT - members sit down discussing the targeting with each other

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Understand this....when these evil wicked New World Order evil Figs do there black magic or Witchcraft the demonic power that they use is "Negative energy" and this negative energy is then BEAM out into the air and is directed by way of Satanic powers coming from the Devil. So basically RF can and is negative energy if its negative. What I'm saying is that there is a major connection with RF an Witchcraft powers, which adds up to Mind Control because that's what Witchcraft is its the controlling power over ones mind. So in other words "they" the evil Figs are using Witchcraft over the mass population of people, and using what I call Demonic Technology ( Chip Emplants) as a means to direct this demonic negative energy to latch onto our BRAIN WAVES to CONTROL us our minds, but also to some how Steal our very souls !

What's missing from all of this is the part where 'masons', in large numbers are listening to the inner thoughts of targets, as if it is a perk. They are listening over devices that will be used to tell their posterity what to do every minute of their day.
The Devil will go after his children and will inslave them using demonic powers to subdue them.I believe Chips is only One method to be used. Then on the over hand the devil can use this method to inslave Gods children in order to CONTROL them also. That's way Gods children must repent and return to Christ . The Black Messiah is our only hope and help ! 
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Also....just want to point out that another reason way this is happening to thousands of people is because its a way to keep you from fighting back. If the evil Figs can keep people busy worrying about their body's an minds in order to keep them Distracted you want have time to fight the New World Order back. 
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Understand, Mind Control is WITCHCRAFT
James Whalen
have you ever went to these places who give vaccines and tried you're tool to see if there is radio frequency in these shots
Natanael Dadiva
Please activate the automatic translator to relay the information to the IT in Brazil congratulated for the work God bless you
Great meeting. What a camaraderie. I wish I were there. 

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