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atente ao detalhe de onde parte e os primeiros a denunciarem, assim como a registrarem evidências
Armas de energia CIA Engenheiro Robert Duncan esclarece ações contra civis com armas direcionadas via satélite
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o último é porque acredito ter um motivo previsto quanto a escolha dos indivíduos alvos, não vejo como ao acaso, ou alienatório
percebo que a mente incomodaria com ações que impedissem desde o começo por cinésia o desenvolvimento desses projetos
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No Brasil estamos a nível de grupo, identificação e redes
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através de outra rede social, acredito que posso falar mais aos olhos com a ilustração que repara os instrumentos dos métodos expostos
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Dear TI Victims & all other entities Electronic Harassment Mind Control Mkultra Cyber Bullying,
This is Willard Max Imamoto. I am informing all of you that I don’t have time to waste on these victims & that only has a very small International data base with members whom they say can prove their identity and health status evidence. . That are basing evidence either as an illegal implant which can’t happen it’s impossible, because they would have to have Imaging tests to prove an implant exists such as MRI, fMRI SPECT or PET Scans in which nobody has proved yet but still claims this delusional evidence, and if it were an implant what could it be? The only known implants are GPS chips you know for Dogs or Cats when they get lost.
Perhaps the Delusional evidence from those possessing these brain implants can have one remove from their Delusional Brains & have it analyzed or shall I say psycho-analyzed or to those who made you believe you have a brain implant.
Another great example & those claiming it’s Project Mkultra & mind control.
Project Mkultra was a CIA project long ago dealing with LSD & yes mind control which wasn’t successful at all because all the non-informed guinea pigs was flipping out & the CIA had NO CONTROL on those who was severely hallucinating tripping & flipping out & one even dove out of a window and died & that is how Project Mkultra was discovered, because the CIA had no Mind Control with these individuals on potent LSD better known as window pane (pain).
As far as burns, wounds yes only because of the instruments that I have mentioned & was also used back in the 1980 with the E.P.R.I. reports (electric power research institute) which was Acoustics, Electromagnetics, Elastic Wave Scattering, Microwaves, Cyclotron Resonance, & a Computer & Programing which controlled the out-going non ionized radiation all on a Multi-Layered Structuring that can definitely cause burns & wounds & leaving very dark in color scars.
It looks like the PEOPLE CALLING THEMSELVES TI victims Electronic Harassment Mkultra Mind Control Cyber Bullying in the European Sector’s database has a very disappointing 20 people from Hungary, Czech, France, Sweden, Latvia & India.
That’s why I am exposing Buffers such as these because of the OBVIOUS LACK OF THESE VICTIMS WITH SO MANY DIFFERENT LABELS & Sidetracking & Deceiving people with very Delusional Conspiracy Theories, BELOW IS A GREAT EXAMPLE of who I Blew away.
Hey Everybody! Dr. Robert Duncan is a co-conspirator in Intentional fraud of covering up Human Right Genocide violations & the fact that our Health system is the #1 cause of death without I going into Iatrogenesis (pharmaceuticals) which I also can & will.
Re: Dr. Robert Duncan A.B., S.M., M.B.A., Ph.D.: Government warfare and surveillance system architect, author of Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed, The Matrix Deciphered, and How to Tame a Demon: A short practical guide to organized intimidation stalking, electronic torture, and mind control
First of all When Dr. Duncan states that he designed these instruments for the Governments warfare & surveillance system(s) these exact instruments has been around since the early 1950’s when Germany used them for spying because it could penetrate concrete walls.
As far as his personal knowledge in misinforming these TI victims, Electronic Harassment, Mkultra, Cybernetics, Cyber bullying, organized intimidation stalking & mind control is concerned Dr. Duncan is using this heinous tactics because of his knowledge of what I can expose & in OBTAING THE REAL EVIDENCE.
What I can expose is called P.N.I. (psycho-neuro-immunology) which started back in the mid 1970’s.
This is the time when crack cocaine & people seeing bugs crawling all over there body through a so called drug psychosis when a stimulant psychosis wasn’t possible because it wasn’t through Chronic usage (as all abstracts from scientific publications purports & supply couldn’t meet the demand for Chronic usage & crystal meth came on the market in the early 1980’s in which supply could not meet the Demand & speculation or was obviously there because people started getting chronic in the 1990’s
The study is now called P.E.N.I. (psycho-endo-neuro-immunology the study of emotions & in creating psycho-social stressors) also look at the list of psycho-social stressors that’s directly linked with this Derelict Science.
Table of stressors: #HEALTH, an injury or illness, being in the hospital, major dental work, change in eating habits change in sleeping habits, change in recreational habits, #WORK: hours and conditions, troubles at work with your boss, coworkers, persons under your supervision, loss of job, fired from work. #HOME AND FAMILY: Changes in living conditions, change of residence, change in family get-togethers, major change in health or behavior of family members, pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion, changes in arguments with spouse, in law problems, divorce, remarriage, death of spouse or other family members, #PERSONAL AND SOCIAL: Created Drug Usage & Crimes, & Jail Time BECAUSE NOW YOUR CAUGHT IN THE SYSTEM HAVING A HISTORY OF DRUG USAGE & VIOLENCE NOW YOU’VE JUST BECOME A LEGITIMATE EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDY FOR THESE PSYCHO-SOCIAL STRESSORS & CHRONIC EMF EXPOSURE ASSESSMENTS FOR ALL CANCERS, TUMORS, TUMOR GROWTH, HEART DISEASES, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES, & TERRATOLOGY WITH BIRTH DEFECTS & MISCARRIAGES THAT WHAT YOUR GUINEA PIGS FOR, change in personal habits, change in political beliefs, change in religious beliefs, change in social activity, new friends, girlfriend or boyfriend problems, sexual difficulties, death of a close friend suicidal thoughts: #FINANCIAL major changes in finances, loss or damage of personal property, major purchase, foreclosure on mortgage, loan. Religious beliefs, Religious Concerns, Religious Transitions
Also Dr. Duncan did not explain how these instruments can be targeted at these various victims in order to do torture or mind control & why these NOBODYS.
Dr. Duncan has now implicating the USA government in that there is NO National Security threats because to many countries knows about these instruments & like instruments for communications.
Here’s why & where Dr. Duncan Intentionally deceived these victims, because It is impossible without tapping memory or thought & if you go to my blogs it will fully explain this TWO PART RESEARCH (go to parts my updated blogs Parts 2, 4, & 5) Part 2 Project P.E.N.I. Children with ADHD Autism &“Big Pharma’s New Market(s)” a 700 % increase in over-misdiagnosis
Part 4 Project P.E.N.I. (psycho-endo-neuro-immunology) &Chronic EMF Exposure Deceptions the 2nd part of this Research
Part 5 300 plus topics diversity to so many causations Re: EMF Deceptions Cancer
It will show you the diagrams of where these instruments can tap memory & in utilizing your basic sensors go to my website has the Images & scroll down & view the Timpanic Membrane & the Broca’s Area these 2 area’s only & hell with the Wernicke’s area that associated with Visual & Optic sensories, because CLOSE YOUR EYE NOW THIS AREA IS USELESS IN WHAT I AM PROVING & WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. & these Facts are already proven scientifically.
The Matrix deciphered is a bunch of crock shit.
I can gather both physical Evidence proving its P.E.N.I. from my present Prima Facie Evdidence to Beyond a Reasonable Doubt & my Prototype will be able to do the mind control aspects & all the Created Psycho-Social Stressors & in duplicating Schizophrenia, Bipolar, & Dual Diagnosis Symptom logy’s such as Audio & Visual Hallucinations & Smells.& well as other Mental Health illnesses.
Also tell Dr. Robert Duncan I can design the same instruments & mass produce it for $50.00 excluding the Textile Hallucinations which really is torture because it can produce pains heat, etc.
Dr. Robert Duncan is just like this… Who the F-wants to be a rocket scientist-GOING ANY WHERE?
What he is doing by making you believe this crap is Diverting the General Public when everyone should be gathering the simple crucial evidence explained in my Blog(s) under the REAL NAME OF THIS RESEARCH P.E.N.I. Psycho-Endo-Neuro-Immunology & check this OUT I CAN GATHER EVIDENCE FROM 75 MILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE ALL THE MENTAL HEALTH CONSUMERS that’s why these Buffers Were Conjured Up.
* *
Sep 9 (13 days ago)
to me
Dear Mr. Willard Max lmamoto,
Thank you for your efforts you put into revealing those covert crimes against humanity. The database is small as only the registered members gave their details, names and personal data requested. We didn’t force anyone to enter details if they are not willing or not capable of for a European organisation.
These members are obviously real victims and targets, in facebook communities there are many fake Tis and covert agents sadly, that is we wanted a database only with members who can prove their identity and health status evidence.
l used to work as a medical doctor in the speciality field of radiology and medical imaging.
l wish you much strenght in this fight and overall as well.
Yours faithfully,
Erika Czelenk"

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